Welcome to EviLou Pottery. Whimsical handmade pottery created locally - right here in Fredensborg, in the heart of North Zealand. EviLou Pottery compliments the cool Nordic sensibility with inspiration from the sunny and colorful shores of the Caribbean. 

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Evi Louise Larsen, who lives on a small Christmas Tree farm on the outskirts of Fredensborg, is the maker. She’s an American transplant to Denmark – living here almost two decades now. Her roots come from growing up in and around the Florida Keys, and you can see that influence in the color and design of every vessel. 

Follow @eviloupottery on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the process of making pottery. Evi shares her knowledge with videos showing how she makes her pottery, as well as pictures of work-in-progress and finished pieces. You’ll see the beautiful surroundings of her rustic workshop, too.

And if you’re interested in getting your own hands dirty and learning to create pottery, get in touch. Evi offers open workshops and lessons in her studio on the farm. Write evi@eviloupottery.dk