Join me on my hyggligt farm in Fredensborg to learn how to make pottery. Class size is limited to two people, so everyone gets the attention they need. The course is made up of 10 sessions so you have the chance to develop your skill and create some pottery that you love.

Here is an idea of what you can expect in your first few sessions as a student at the ‘EviLou Pottery Workshop’. Activities will vary based on your own wishes and ideas, of course

Session 1

  • Introduction and demonstration of how to throw on the potter's wheel
  • You'll use the rest of the time to jump right in and get some experience throwing on the wheel

Session 2

  • Discuss questions and demonstrate how to trim the vessels you made the previous week
  • You'll use the rest of the time for trimming your pots and throwing some new ones

Session 3

  • We'll discuss things like surface decoration, making different shapes on the wheel, handling mugs, wherever your interests lead
  • You'll trim the pots from last time, possibly decorate surfaces of your pots, possibly throw more pots. It will be your own time to use as you wish.


When you're ready, I'll fire your work. Further sessions will all depend on what you want to make and all at your own pace. It’s difficult to be specific, because your imagination and creativity will dictate where we go from here. I’ll always jump in and answer questions, demonstrate new techniques, and give you ideas and inspiration as you progress.


  • 4000 DKK for 10 sessions
  • Each session includes three hours of working time and approximately 20 minutes of clean-up time.
  • I will provide all the tools you need
  • Extra charges:
    • ½ bag clay – 140 kr
    • Glaze / Underglaze - Variable, depending on how many vessels you are glazing. But on average you can expect– 40 to 50 kr per bisque/glaze cycle
    • Firings (same for both bisque and glaze firings)
      • 1 shelf – 200 kr
      • 2 shelves – 380 kr
      • Full kiln – 500 kr

Get in touch if you are interested. I'll invite you out to the workshop for a chat so you can see the studio and we can get to know each other.

Call +45 6088 4640 or write