I am grateful for your support of EviLou Pottery. Each vessel has spent much time in my hands during its creation - including preparation, throwing, trimming, decorating, two high-temperature firings, and finishing. It’s my pleasure to know that you are using something in your everyday life that I created.

I make one-of-a-kind pieces. Since they're handmade, rather than mass-produced, you can expect:

Small variations in size and color. (Remember that colors display differently on different screens.)

Small distinctions from the firing or production process, such as speckles, marks, glaze ghosts, reduction, or oxidation marks, etc.

Imperfection is part of the beauty of handmade items. You may find small bumps, marks, or asymmetry. This means your item is unique. I stand proudly by all of my work and do not sell anything where imperfections detract from the overall quality of the object.

I'm frequently asked if my pottery is dishwasher safe. Yes it is. However, dishwashers are quite caustic to ceramics and the detergent, jostling and hot water will cause extra wear and tear. Hand-washing will increase the longevity of your handmade objects. It's up to you to balance between the convenience and the wear. (I recommend handwashing.)